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Our story


It all started when our daughter Hanka was about two years old. Gradually, she "shifted" to different types and kinds of bouncers and we began to wonder what to offer her next. That's when I remembered my children's tricycle, which I rode 30 years ago. We managed to repair it and after the aesthetic tuning - the painted, was mobile again. This type of tricycle has proven to be stable, durable and fun for children. Hanka managed it playfully and thanks to riding a tricycle she learned to pedal and this helped her learn to cycle. When Hanka was driving around the city, passers-by often stopped us or even smiled and admired the "retro" tricycle, on which many rode as small children. At that time, we were thinking about how to proceed in our professional life, and even the reactions finally led us on the path of producing a quality, safe and durable 3wheel tricycle.

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